QuattroR strongly believes that the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into all its business decisions is essential to creating value for its stakeholders and to developing a more sustainable long-term strategy for its portfolio companies.

QuattroR became a signatory to the PRI and is actively integrating ESG principles in all its policies and operations in order to incorporate such principles in all stages of the investment process.


QuattroR is committed to promoting greater environmental responsibility through the analysis and monitoring of environmental impacts of its portfolio companies’ operations, products, services and supply chain, with a focus on the transition to a low carbon / low emission economy and on the issues related to climate change / depletion of natural resources.


QuattroR deems essential to take into account the social impacts of the investment activity, particularly as regards the portfolio companies and its stakeholders (i.e. prohibiting any form of forced labour, promoting equal opportunities and diversity).


QuattroR understands that a sound corporate and ESG governance is essential for investing in a responsible way. We are therefore committed to promoting transparency and accountability - also at portfolio companies level - and adopting a rigorous business ethic.

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